Got an idea for a melody? Want to explore some rhythms, create new sounds, collaborate or just express yourself musically? Great, we’re already equipped to do that with our built-in tool for audio expression – the voice.

The voice is the one instrument we have all been practicing since birth and whilst we can’t sound quite like an actual instrument we’re still pretty good at mimicking them.

The voice is truly a fantastic communication tool for audio, but ultimately you still need someone or something to interpret that communication and create the desired sound.


The vm Apollo


Introducing the VM Apollo, a stand-alone smart microphone, packed with all the intelligence of the Vochlea Music Audio Engine. A personalised real-time instrument, the Apollo allows you to use vocal sounds to trigger audio samples and control software instruments on the fly. Imagine beatboxing triggering live drum samples, humming a guitar riff or applying effects like wah-wah using only your voice.


The Apollo is so easy to use, it’s the instrument you’ve been practicing since birth. Quick, expressive, intuitive and yet capable of creating great sounding, controlled instrumentation.

The Apollo is currently in development and expected to launch towards the end of 2017.

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